YogaRoll™ with Us

At Second Ward Space, “yoga” includes a broad spectrum practices, both on and off the mat. We support you to cultivate and sustain physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Holistically.

Strength | Flexibility | Endurance

For mind, body, and spirit. Whole body, whole community. YogaRoll™with us.

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About YogaRoll™

YogaRoll™ is series of pop-ups in the Second Ward combining yoga and micromobility. Roll up on a bike, skateboard, or METRORail, and practice yoga with us outdoors. Our priority is individual and community well-being, and these events will have limited enrollment and lots of space to spread out. Asana practice led by Christiane Coste.

YogaRoll™ es una serie de pop-ups que combinan la práctica de yoga y la micro-mobilidad en Second Ward. Ven rodando en bici, patineta, scooter o METRORail, a practicar yoga al aire libre. Nuestra prioridad es la seguridad de las personas y la comunidad, por lo que nuestros eventos tendrán cupo limitado en espacios amplios y abiertos, cuidando mantener siempre la distancia. Práctica asanas dirigida por Christiane Coste.

Pandemic Safety

The global pandemic creates new and unknown risk factors. In good faith, Second Ward Space offerings are designed to mitigate risk, but all in-person events, at this time carry extra, and perhaps unforeseen, risk(s).

Please do not participate if you are unwell, or have been in physical proximity–within the past 14 days–of someone with Covid-19.

Should you become ill, or test positive for Covid-19–within the next 14 days, following an event you’ve attended–please let Second Ward Space know so that we may join the community in practicing “Test/Trace/Isolate” strategies to contain community spread.

Together, we create mutual and reciprocal well-being.

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