Grab Your Tee

Our 100% cotton tees are printed in the Second Ward at 4202 Screenprinting Gallery. We love supporting local businesses.

Your shirt’s already been sponsored by someone before you. So, wear it well, and join the gift-chain by sponsoring the next person’s tee.

Choose your sponsorship bracket:

  • Participate: “I bring myself and more.” $10
  • Sustain: “I can sustain our gift-exchange economy.” $15
  • Thrive: “I want to make sure more people can participate.” $20
  • Grow: “I want to help our community grow.” $25
  • Catalyze: “I want to make it possible for everyone to participate.” $30+

Together, we increase community bounty.

Sponsor the next person’s tee: @SecondWardSpace on Venmo

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