Sponsor the Next Participant

Gifts Take Many Forms

Material. Emotional. Intellectual. Spiritual. Creative. Second Ward Space honors them all! We value you and your participation. 

Together, we create community that represents and respects us all. A Neighborhood-Responsive™ gift-exchange economy helps achieve this.

Neighborhood-Responsive™ Gift-Exchange Economy

The beauty of a Neighborhood-Responsive™ gift-exchange economy is the abundance that flows when you participate. The process of exchange is even more important than the things we exchange. Your yoga classes, tees, and veggies have been sponsored by someone before you.

When you participate, you help sponsor the next person. The gift chain continues. In place of transaction and consumption, we foster feelings and ties that bind us. We co-create mutual and reciprocal connection.

Choose Your Sponsorship Bracket

Based on your ability, comfort and inspiration:

  • Participate: “I bring myself and more.”
  • Sustain: “I can sustain our gift-exchange economy.”
  • Thrive: “I want to make sure more people can participate.”
  • Grow: “I want to help our community grow.”
  • Catalyze: “I want to make it possible for everyone to participate.”

Together, we increase community bounty.

Sponsor the next participant: @SecondWardSpace on Venmo

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