About Us

Second Ward Space is an Exquisite Knowing™ venture, and our leadership team is 2/3 women and 2/3 minority, by design.

Christiane Coste, Director of Yoga & Community Engagement

Meet Christiane Coste, MA. Christiane was born and raised in Mexico City and has worked throughout Latin America as a human rights advocate. Her work with victims of abuse and at-risk populations drew her to yoga. Christiane’s firm belief in the healing and empowering nature of this practice motivates her to continue working in the community to create a safe space—especially for people of color—so we can all explore yoga and experience its benefits. @christianecoste

Doogie Roux, Director of Business Development & Strategic Operations

Meet Doogie Roux. A proud Cajun-Texan, committed cyclist, and vibrant photographer-artist with a background in Computer Information Systems, Doogie has a proven track record as a strategic operative for micromobility, logistics, and creative media industries. He appreciates Houston’s diversity and how it all comes together to create an amazing culture of love and acceptance. This appreciation drives his commitment to establishing Neighborhood-Responsive™ partnerships and developing a Second Ward Space brand that includes everyone in the neighborhood. @doogieroux

Ashley David, Founder & Managing Director

Meet Ashley David, MFA & PhD. An interdisciplinary artist, Ashley moved to Houston in November to explore mutual and reciprocal community in the Second Ward. She has lived on four continents and worked for corporations, nonprofits, schools, universities, and media channels in a variety of capacities. This background provided opportunity and “lab-space” for her to develop Exquisite Knowing™, out of which grows Second Ward Space. Ashley is inspired by her Second Ward neighbors and excited to collaborate with you at Second Ward Space to create, support, and sustain community that includes and represents everyone!

When you activate your Exquisite Knowing™, micro-empowerment accrues.


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